“Captain Kronor: The Origin Story” (Daily Planet email #929)

Flashback: to an unspecified past, draped in telegraphic sepia tones and everything is made of wood, or metal. Or glass. Anyway, no plastic, it’s very muted. A little dusty. With a bell’s ring, the door opens at the five and dime.

Young Kronor: Hiya, Mr. Jennings!

Mr. Jennings: Why, hello young Jacob.

Young Kronor: Jake.

Mr. Jennings: Sure, sure. What can I do you for, Jacob?

Young Kronor: Do you know who my parents are?

Mr. Jennings: Well, of course I do, JK. Hans and Nora Kronor. Good people.

Young Kronor: Oh. So they exist?

Mr. Jennings: Absolutely, I’ve known you and your folks since you were a pup.

Young Kronor: Then I’m not a mysterious orphan from the skies?

Mr. Jennings: I believe not.

Young Kronor: Oh. Are they here?

Mr. Jennings: No, I think you’re pa’s at the mill as usual, and your ma’s probably at home with your little brother, Fredrik.

Young Kronor: So they’re not going to be gunned down right in front of me and this magazine stand, into which the camera slowly zooms in to focus on an ironically-relevant headline?

Mr. Jennings: Nothing ever happens in this town, you know that, and certainly nothing as violent and sordid as what you describe. Boy oh boy, what an imagination on you.

Young Kronor: Have you got any Moon Pies?

Mr. Jennings: Fresh out.

Young Kronor: Astro Pops?

Mr. Jennings: Too dangerous.

Young Kronor: Do you have any Starburst Fruit Chews?

Mr. Jennings: Those haven’t been invented yet. Say, what are you getting at, son?

Young Kronor: If you must know, I’m looking for my origin story. How and why I decided to become a space hero.

Mr. Jennings: Well, even if you could go into space, I don’t see why you would have to in order to become a hero. Why, there’s plenty of people right here in town who could use your help. You know, just yesterday, Mrs. Halloway was telling me –

Young Kronor: Bo-ring. That is not my destiny. I really thought I would find the keys to it in this dusty old five and dime.

Mr. Jennings: Look, son, I run a clean establishment, there’s no dust here. But I’m gonna let you in on a little secret, it’s a grown-up kind of secret, but I think you’re ready for it by the sound of things. Take a seat, over on that barrel. Now, just this morning, I burnt my toast, inventoried the bandages, and my son called from Omaha to tell me he made it back safely. I reckon by tomorrow, I won’t remember any of these things. Maybe today, Jacob, right here in this store, has nothing to do with your future and I dare say you will forget all of it, all of this, eroded by the march of time and tribulations of the heart. I bet space is filled with things like that. Things that happen, sure, but don’t add up to anything else of import.

Young Kronor: Mr. Jennings. I’m going to go to space to prove you wrong.

Mr. Jennings: I’d be glad to be wrong if it would make you happy, Jacob.

(door closes)

Flash-forward: to space, where a heated battle is taking place. Multicolored weapon bursts pierce the darkness while rows of military ship formations rise and disperse into the maelstrom.

Captain Kronor: (emerging in an escape pod through the particulates of an exploded satellite, pursued by metal-eating drones) Hmm. You know, I think Mr. Jennings was right.

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The falling anvil development team. The proportions of a pleasing error. Did we do it for money? Heavens, no. We did not.

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Matthew Hane

Matthew Hane

The falling anvil development team. The proportions of a pleasing error. Did we do it for money? Heavens, no. We did not.

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